Are we experiencing a communist infiltration sponsored by the United Nations?

New Zealand has United Nations Agenda 21 inserted into key legislation such as the Resource Management Act and the Local Government Act.

Here is a page from the Ministry for the Environment Website. Read it carefully!www_mfe_govt_nz_laws_meas

These look horrifyingly green to me, but they only border on communism.

You must check out this exam script exemplar  from the NCEA course “Education in Sustainability” Exemplar 3 2008 exam else you will miss the point of this blog! Remember that this examination candidate was between 16 and 17 years old. Behind him or her are teachers, heads of department, headmasters, curriculum creators, government officials, Minister of Education and  ultimately the Prime Minister himself. All responsible for the repugnant things this candidate is regurgitating and eventually going through life thinking what he or she has “learned” at school is and reasonable.

I found these on the governments NZQA website.

What is perhaps more shocking are the examiner’s comments which are in red over each page.

This is only one of a number in a similar vein.

Yes- The base authorities for the course “Education in Sustainability” are Agenda 21 and the Brundtland Report!

If this is not an attempt to breed little communists at high school and send them out into the community armed with very little understanding of the consequences of what they have learned, then will someone enlighten me as to what it is.

Conversely, if you have any civic responsibility, perhaps you should email the Prime Minister and the Minister of Education ask for an explanation.

Please feel welcome to comment.

What do you think of the views expressed in this exam paper and more important, the views of his instructor. Here is the link again (Exemplar 3 2008 exam)

Roger 13/03/13

Of course in this short post I have only dealt briefly with education.

Please check my post on the property rights issues that we are having in Christchurch New Zealand because of Agenda 21 measures.

Roger 30/09/13

PS. Found this blog which illustrates how the UN is moving into mathematics. I have read a few papers on this subject but never seen examples like this before.

Just check the arithmetic homework that your kids bring home. If you are suspicious about anything that your children are being taught, put it in front of the Principal or head teacher for an explanation. Remember that this is happening wherever the UN can get a foot hold. We are not immune in New Zealand.

Good luck!

Roger 28/04/14

This is a reply to a comment left for me on

I think it is a very relevant reply to anyone who thinks that the UN is a benign organization that aims to bring peace and tranquility to the world.

A better description after doing some deep reading would be “The UN is a non benign organization whose aim is to bring order throughout the world by means of a despotic program of imposing extreme socialism, on normal people through the imposition of a collective society”.

Comment starts here.

Agenda 21 is indeed a series of goals. I hope you are happy with all of these goals.

I personally find them very alarming as should we all, assuming that do not have global communist leanings!

For example here is an official UN paper which describes and enlarges on some of those goals.

Click to access unitednations-conference-on-human-settlements_habitat1.pdf

The UN always looks and sounds quite reasonable until you start to read more carefully.

If you don’t want to read too deeply, just turn to Section D “Land” on the above publication.
The red emphasis is mine.

FYI – There is such a body as the Localizing Agenda 21 Programme:

” Habitat is the task manager in the UN system for the human settlements chapter of Agenda 21, adopted by the UN Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. To reinforce the process of localization, the programme offers multi-layered support to selected medium-sized cities. ”

Click to access booklet8.pdf


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70 Responses to Are we experiencing a communist infiltration sponsored by the United Nations?

  1. Bella says:

    (You need to scroll up) It’s about councils in NZ & the communist agenda..

    • rogerthesurf says:

      Came across this video.
      Most things on it are verifiable.



      • Anonymous says:

        Hi Roger. I just found your site and have been informing myself about what is happening in New Zealand since I was thinking of looking for work there. I am an American living/working in S. Asia, but not so keen on returning to my own country because it has been overrun by leftists and is rapidly becoming a tyranny (e.g. EPA) governed by politically correct idiots. I see, however, that NZ is unfortunately well along the way also; I knew that it was a “green” country, but I never thought it had reached the level of confiscating property, as in Christchurch — such a disgrace… I just want a home w/ some land where I can do my own thing, but it seems like nowhere on the planet is that possible anymore. Is NZ too far gone for that? How does Australia stand in comparison? I know they got rid of their carbon tax policy, so maybe they are not as far gone in terms of Agenda 21, etc…

        Take care,


      • rogerthesurf says:

        Hi Fred,

        As far as I know, Australia is not much different at the moment, but at least they currently have a government that is committed to returning things to sanity but are finding it a long and difficult task.
        Agenda 21 is insidious. You may be able to judge the penetration of Agenda 21 by looking at and finding a country that has few or no cities as members. You may even find a US state that meets this criteria.

        Good luck.




  2. Bella says:

    YES NZ IS experiencing a communist infiltration.
    It is slowly by stealth.
    I collect all sorts of info that is relevant to the negative changes happening .Here is a link I saved. Can’t remember where I got it. A snippet of info..
    Worth skimming through ..and it will confirm

  3. Mack says:

    Yes Rog,
    Both left and right support this , but moreso the left. It’s every politicians dream…and you can now even tax the air ! wow, how good is that…and all under the guise of saving the planet ! and the real feel good thing too, is that the people will think we’re caring and responsible !
    Big Al got himself onto a good thing….the politics of fear. He suddenly latched onto this fistful of graphs all pointing up, in the direction of doom…..CO2 up, temp up, sea-level up. It’s the perfect caricature of a politician waving these graphs around , and saying, never fear, we can work together, vote for me, I’ll save you.
    So Key also rather likes it..When the clueless, gullible media stick a microphone under his nose, he’ll say…” It’s real, and it’s happening” …… bullshit.

  4. h39h40 says:


    Just informing you that both left or right cannot be trusted and also it happens the UN has a front called the McGuinness Institute that is rolling out Agenda 21 in Wellington

    I also came across this link on who supports Agenda 21, it seems both left and right support it:

    • rogerthesurf says:

      Yup thanks for the info.

      Not surprised at all.
      I recently found even the ACT party is supporting it. The new leader made a slight slip in his maiden speech and after I queried him about, did admit that he was referring to “sustainability etc.”. When I pointed out that this was inconsistent with the rest of his speech, there was no reply and the ACT party stopped sending me their news letters.
      Of course we know National is supporting it, simply by looking at their website.
      At the moment I am researching the ETS because there appears to be an inconsistency as follows.
      1. Energy and other companies have been authorised to levy their customers a carbon fee based on about $25.00 per ton.
      2. The price of carbon in NZ currently is about $4.50 per ton and overseas is worth only a few cents.
      3. The question is what is happening with the shortfall, which is incidentally OUR money.
      4. The government says it is none of their business as the ETS is not a tax which is technically correct.
      5. I think it looks like the public of New Zealand deserve a refund etc. Of course in NZ we don’t mind being ripped off it seems, so there is very little interest.
      What do you think and do you have anything to add to this research?



    • rogerthesurf says:


      I had a look at and it seems to be pretty good factual stuff.
      I found it frustrating as there are a number of issues untouched there that I would have liked to comment on. However there seems to be no way to comment – log on – or communicate with the authors.
      I think this is a serious omission on part of the owners of the blog and diminishes their credibility some.



  5. Mack says:

    Here in NZ, the very first piece of indoctrination in our schools commences at the age of 6yrs with this book…~Planet in Crisis by Russ Parker
    These children still believe in Santa Claus, but now also they have to contend with the weight of “greenhouse”, ozone-hole, pollution, sustainability, polar bear, ice-melting bullshit.

    • rogerthesurf says:

      Looks like its either sold out or been withdrawn from sale.
      To think that I used to be worried by Chicken Little!



  6. Mack says:

    He can’t answer your question Rog, because, at the risk of offending his indoctrinated sensitivities, pre- European Maori were head-hunting, stone-age cannibals,whose sustainability and conservation values would be defined as…”Give me a Moa and I’ll hunt it to extinction.”

  7. Hi Roger, As I said, I have an issue with NZQA promoting the existance of only one particular Maori view, or one particular capitalist view, so you are pushing a door that is already open as far as your first question is concerned. As far as Maori views on conservation are concerned, the present concept of mataitai reserves and kaitiakitanga (which are incorporated into the Fisheries Act and the Resource Management Act respectively) certainly pre-date European thinking – though of course their incorporation into New Zealand law does not.

    Another example would be the concept of Mauri, used by the Maori Reference group when opposing genetic modification on the grounds that it interferes with different “kinds” (interestingly very similar to the view of some Christian groups). This can be contrasted to the views of other iwi (so these could just as legitimately be called Maori views) which welcomed any medical research – including the use of Genetically modified Organisms – that could help address Maori health issues.

    • rogerthesurf says:


      With all due respect, you have not addressed any of the questions in my previous reply. I take it the issues are not so esoteric that they are particularly difficult to answer.



  8. I can’t see what the problem is. The intent of the learning, to demonstrate that there are different world views and to learn contrasting examples, is very sound, if we are to develop well rounded human beings. My main criticism would be that the answers are simplistic, with “the” indigenous view being contrasted with “the” capitalist view, without a greater appreciation that there are a diversity of different views. To take one example, the entrepreneurial capitalism of the small business is very different from the more feudalistic control model of the multinational corporates. Similarly, some of the Maori world views on conservation are very different from those of other cultures, a point I make in my own blog.

    • rogerthesurf says:

      I don’t suppose you noticed how the exam paper guides the candidate to a certain solution then? Do you think he/she would of got a good mark if he/she disagreed with the promptings by the examiner.

      This particular exemplar has been described by other commentators as training/brain washing rather than education.

      Do you think the maori’s ever really practiced “sustainability” or ever had any concept of the Agenda 21 doctrine?
      More like they used up all the available resources and then either moved on or starved, (or ate the neighboring tribe). Have you ever considered why the Moa was extinct even before european times.

      I suppose that you may think the abandonment of capitalism being a good idea. Well there is one fact that is glaringly omitted from the course and the promptings by the examiner, that being that without capitalism “Gaia” will not be able to support the current population.

      If you think population reduction is a valid solution, are you then prepared to lead from the front?

      In my opinion the whole course stinks of prejudice and omissions.

      I took a brief look at your website, I believe that you think the exemplar is innocuous because you agree with the outcome/student’s conclusions. Even Dr Poutosi
      implies instead that the student gained merit by the quality of the reasoning and arguments, an explanation/claim which I reject most whole heartedly.


    • Mack says:

      @ Environmental Education Well I don’t mind you lefty AGW brainwashed academics blathering on to the kids about looking after the environment and “sustainability” ; (your all encompassing buzzword with no actual conceptual meaning), but the problem I have is that it’s all linked in with a lot your pupils talking about “greenhouse gases” . That point at which you lefties become looney.
      You, like all the rest of your ivory towered,institutionally stultified peers,seem not aware that this Anthropogenic Global Warming is the greatest scientific hoax/deception/lie/ fraud of modern times (extending about 40yrs)
      It’s an old , outdated, unreal, crackpot, “greenhouse theory” that you AGW brainwashed teachers feed to our kids without one iota of scepticism, individual thinking, enquiry, of any kind.
      The whole thing fits nicely with arrogant academics who think they’re a cut above the “laypeople”. and are used to dealing with young, receptive, innocent ears who hang upon their every word. It suits nicely the lefty control freaks, who actually can conceive that Man could alter the global climate.
      Here is an eg of such arrogance. It’s from the front section of The Times Concise Atlas of the World…1985 edition….along with the usual propaganda type picture of the time, of an Earth surface with big red incoming arrows and smaller red outgoing arrows….
      “Man is now so powerful, however, that he could himself suddenly upset the whole balance, changing the climate and the composition of the atmosphere.”
      So get your ass up to my comment April 23 2014 1.16 am Environmental Education, and get enlightened..
      Before he does Rog…..I think I aquitted myself OK here :)…..

    • rogerthesurf says:

      Hi there Michael,

      Thank you for commenting on my blog.

      I have some questions and observations about your comment though, which I hope you can answer.

      The first observation is that you have appeared to have missed how the examiner, that is the instructions on the exam paper, guide the student to a certain outcome. Regardless of the content of the exam, would you call this education?

      The second is a question, Forgive me but I am intrigued about the concept “Maori world view on Conservation”. Please help me here by drawing my attention to some pre-european examples of this.

      The third question, Assuming that the exam candidate and his/her colleagues, (seeing the evil of capitalism, at some later date succeed in ridding NZ and the rest of the world of this scourge), in terms of the effect on mankind, what do you think the outcome of this would be and do you think the candidate has been taught or has discussed in any way in the likely outcomes should an alternative “world View” become dominant?

      I and my readers are interested to hear your reply.



  9. Hello there! Would you mind if I share your blog with my facebook group?

    There’s a lot of people that I think would really enjoy your content.
    Please let me know. Thanks

  10. Mack says:

    Actually I’ve already got that “Totalitaria” book Rog. It was up in the book-case and belonged to the missus along with a few other Ian Wishart’s books. I bought and read a copy of “Air Con” when it first came out, but I hardly read much at all…there being enough reading entertainment on the climate blogs for me. 😉
    No , not Christchurch Rog, but (hopefully quake- free) Nelson NZ.

    • rogerthesurf says:

      Good one Mack,

      I’m surprised you have the book “Totalitaria” on your book shelf though as its only been published less than about 6 months.

      Anyway, I thoroughly recommend that you dust off your reading glasses and have a good read. Don’t have to read it all, try starting at Chapter 17 and you will get the idea of how Wishart’s research has crossed with my own.
      I warn you though, its not entertainment any more than this blog is supposed to be.



  11. Mack says:

    Rog, this has just come to light….

    Click to access Education-reducedportrait-5.pdf

    • rogerthesurf says:


      Thanks for that.

      At least it shows that we are not alone in NZ.
      I have filed your pdf in my hard disk for Agenda 21.

      Really suggest you get hold of Ian Wishart’s book “Totalitaria” so you can really read what is going on.

      Do you live in Christchurch?



  12. Mack says:

    I’m optimistic Rog. Sure the student who wrote that exemplar will most likely vote Greens upon leaving school. I did. (Values back then) There being a certain attractive avenue of protest for young people to say a pox upon both big houses, I want my vote to count.
    But now we have the internet, and electronic letters ! wow ! So now, many tech. savy youngsters with curious and open minds quickly understand what a watermelon with a megaphone means.
    (John Minto comes to mind)
    And here I find out that AB (above) bins all the global warming resources his school had and most of his colleagues are sceptics. Very encouraging.

  13. Mack says:

    Not to worry about this too much Rog, I just let them think I’m a dumb, reactionary, fat , ugly, filthy-rich, cigar huffing, misogynist capitalist pig. 😉

    • Mack says:

      Not to worry about this too much Rog, I just let them think I’m a dumb, reactionary, fat , ugly, filthy-rich, cigar huffing, misogynist capitalist pig. 😉
      Also I think I could get an A ,with luck, from the appropriate teacher, if I included that in the Western Scientific (non indigenous) column of that “sustainability” exemplar , Rog.

      • rogerthesurf says:

        Dosn’t worry us directly, but its very obvious that they are trying to dummb down and brain wash our kids. For example how do you think the student who wrote this exemplar will vote?
        Did I tell you that the base documents for this course are UN Agenda 21 and the Brundtland Report?
        I came across a paper and later a commentary on “sustainable mathematics”. Will try and find it for you and post it here.



      • Mack says:

        That’s…..”appropriate” teacher. ie the teacher who is appropriate. That was a favourite of Helen Clark. She knew who, and what, was and wasn’t appropriate.

  14. Mack says:

    Rogerthe surf,
    Wow, gidday Roger,
    I came from WUWT to this neat little site you’ve got set up here, and it is so refreshing to see you kicking up over the PC indoctrination of our kids at school…..and most of all, this “climate change” crap. So in addition to all this I bring you very glad tidings that the science underpinning AGW is now known to be crap also. I was totally shocked at the political leftist tripe under the guise of “sustainability” revealed in that NCEA “educational” course. Remind me not to allow my two grandchildren to take up any “environmental” courses in this country,, they would have me down there punching the teacher over…..So… as for the “greenhouse” theory being garbage…take a little time off the blog for some science reading Roger..beginning with something like this I said to Dr Roy Spencer last year….
    then this…
    Which has then probably caused this…
    This huge deceptive mistake in the incoming solar was made by Kevin Trenberth, a kiwi, which is in my opinion is a disgrace to science and NZ.
    The reality is the incoming solar of 1360w/sq.m. is a yearly global average and should be regarded as non-directional covering the whole globe at the TOA (Top of the Atmosphere) and it simply “attenuates” down to about 340w/sq.m. covering the whole globe at the Earth’s surface. The ” missing” about 1020w/sq/m. (ie 1360 minus 340w/sq.m.) would mostly be attenuated in that place of physical paradox called the THEMOSPHERE. Climatologists, weathermen and other learned folk concocting the quack “greenhouse” theory tend to think no further than the clouds.
    Cheers and happy reading,

    • rogerthesurf says:

      Hi Mack,

      Great to hear from you.
      Looks like you have had some interesting discussions.

      You may be interested in reading my other blog As you can read there, AGW theory falls down in every way that one looks at it. My blog there looks at a few simple and incontrovertial ways to disprove this craziness and although there is a lot of great info that I have linked on the side bar, I certainly haven’t covered every argument.
      However over the last year or two I have come to the conclusion that AGW is simply a side show and my research has showed me how while we have been running around over AGW, United Nations Agenda 21 has infiltrated into most western countries – including ours!
      Believe me, as I have discovered, the depth and scale of Agenda 21 makes AGW just a game. AGW is simply a softener for what the UN and Agenda 21 have in store for us if we don’t all wake up.
      My research into Agenda 21 has been fairly intense and I found when I read Ian Wishart’s book “Totalitaria” that my research supported his to a large extent and his research filled in questions that I had. Unfortunately this is not a rejoicing event but a dismaying event. I thoroughly recommend you to read the book. I think its still available from Paper Plus and definitely can be bought on line.

      Please visit my blog. If you are in Christchurch, maybe we should go for a drink together.

      All the best


      PS Mack,

      Here is a comment I left on the Christchurch Press website where the writer mentions religion but seems unaware of what the UN is promoting. It is unlikely that the Press will publish this comment though.
      This also explains some of the wierd things you may have noticed in the “Studies in Sustainability” exemplar linked on my site. My comment for the Press reads:

      “Is New Zealand a Christian nation? Would we get upset if John Key started declaring an allegiance to a particular religion?”
      Yes we should do but you may not be aware that the United Nations are promoting their own religion which they use to promote their Global Warming propaganda and their Agenda 21 policies which definitely influences the greens in New Zealand as well as the rest of the world. Perhaps readers would also like to look up the Lucis Trust which is mentioned in the video

      May I be permitted include a website to support this statement.

      Didn’t Al Gore say this? ““The fate of mankind, as well as of religion, depends upon the emergence of a new faith in the future.’ Armed with such a faith, we might find it possible to resanctify the earth…” .



      • Mack says:

        Hi Rog,
        What a groovy little meditation room they’ve got there. Trouble is, where do you stand/sit/squat/lie in the meditation room. It looks a tad uncomfortable to me. I suspect there’s not a hell of a lot of meditation going on, but more like signing the visitors book/petition/legal document/prayer book/ holy grail and then shortly buggering off. And what if somebody else wants to meditate,…does a buzzer go off, sorry times up, quit meditating, out you go, next…or do you just close your eyes and go ..mmmmmmm…trying to ignore the b.o. ridden individual who’s just consummed a kg of garlic for lunch. or the one incessantly walking around in the heavy shoes giving to your meditation a new concept of the age of awakening.

      • rogerthesurf says:

        Right on, but we should be more concerned that these “religious fanatics” whose job is/was to be a secular organisation to help the world etc. for their own reasons are running around pushing their ideas on us. Notice the references to religion in the exemplar and how the “earth” hunters and gatherers which are synonymous to Gaia worship, (which is also mentioned), are represented as being good and the rest bad-especially capitalism, without which we will all basically starve.



  15. Bite Me says:

    Anything mandated under threat of coercion, is tyranny. The only defense
    is to find the promoters and hang them from the closest tree. It is far too late
    for “reasonable discussion” with deluded, evil, fanatical control freaks. Eliminate
    them before they eliminate you. Anybody that tries to move me out of my house
    is going to get a bullet in the head…………..

  16. AB says:

    Hi Roger,
    Got to your blog through a link you posted on WUWT. Good to se you taking STANDARD 90812 apart. I had 37 years in the classroom and the NZQA crap I was forced to teach in the last few years made my colleagues and I cringe. The exam exemplar you discuss is a shocker. Unfortunately the kid has been trained to be an airhead. Thank God I’m out. My last radical act was to toss into a skip bin all the global warming resources the school had – big cheer from my colleagues who were all sceptics. The next generation of teachers though will be indoctrinated with the agenda 21 meme, sadly.
    BTW the local Maori sold their maunga, the Tararua ranges behind Palmerston North, to the government aka Mighty River Power for a wind farm. It’s a fact.

    • rogerthesurf says:

      Hi there, thanks for commenting. I looked at your blog. You can’t get any logic out of the RMA-I found out that the hard way. There is even some doubt whether windmills ever get into the black financially as they apparently need grid power to keep the gearboxes warm when there is no wind etc. I have a link to a informed discussion on that somewhere if you are interested.
      I am interested in your professional knowledge of NCEA standards. I wonder how corrupt they are in other subjects. I read there is discussion on introducing ‘sustainable mathematics’ and discussion on whether females should get higher education than males because educated males have a larger carbon footprint than educated females.
      Are you interested in an email dialog abut these things? I have an ongoing research into Agenda21 and would be interested to learn more about its effect on education.


  17. Truckinwife says:

    Your blog is interesting and I would love to see a follow up on this. Also Roger how is this effecting you personally. I firmly believe that if people world wide make these matters know to the public we would be able to pull back if not revoke these laws that the few in control are enacting on the masses aka sheeple ( as I like to call them).

    • rogerthesurf says:

      Hi Truckinwife,
      Thanks for visiting my blog.
      I am constantly on the lookout for Agenda21 incursions in my country. As you know doubt read, we have Agenda 21 in our legislation, Local Government and our education and God only knows where else.
      Yes it has affected me personally – a number of years ago I lost an expensive resource consent of which fact I could never understand until I started to research Agenda 21. And of course since the devastating earthquakes in my city, I have witnessed our government taking advantage of the situation to implement an Agenda 21 “rebuild”. Not that too much rebuilding is going on and there are still builders out of work would you believe, but they have managed to take a lot of land in both the CBD and suburbs with inadequate compensation and a lot of threats and demolished everything else.
      You should thank your stars that you have both a Senate and Congress, inadequate as they may be. Here we have no such thing, just one house and a lot of all too powerful politicians. Thankfully some of these have been knocked back on a High Court judicial review recently but the odds are still in their favour. NZ is sliding rapidly to the left and to be honest I think it will take something like 50 years of “cultural revolution” before the sheeple here realise that they have been stiffed.
      For more information on Agenda21 in NZ you might like to visit who are creating a section on Agenda21 I believe.
      Please feel free to republish what you see on my blog as you see fit and I am happy to help where I can.


      • Truckinwife says:

        Roger- I will repost and most likely do I small article to introduce your post. I have connections in the Tea Party here. I think this will serve as a battle cry. Please by all means stay in touch ok? Would be be ok to forward your post to a forum, please let me know.

      • rogerthesurf says:

        Truckinwife, thanks again. Yes please do all you see fit to use my blog to help inform people of the evils of Agenda 21 etc.
        I have actually been researching this topic for some time and am happy to assist with other related things if you have any questions I can answer.
        Finally I just wish to make sure you read this exemplar which is linked on my blog. It dosnt show a click today although that may be WordPress’s fault but please make sure you get a good read. My next blog is going to be an analysis of this exemplar which shouldn’t be hard because I recognise much of the source information in it as no doubt you do as well.

  18. rogerthesurf says:

    Check out this video. Agenda 21 in the US Congress? Couldn’t be much more clear.



    • Truckinwife says:

      Nancy Pelosi is one of the Democrats responsible for the drying up of Northern California’s farmlands. She is also one of the many who is directly attacking the bill of rights here in the United States. And one of government officials I would love to see removed from office, if not placed in jail.

  19. Annie P says:

    There is a protest on Monday morning at the High Court in Christchurch (9:30am). There is a hearing at 10am, as 40 families that have NO damage to their homes (and being forced to leave) are challenging the red zone legality. Please support them if you can.

    • rogerthesurf says:

      Thanks Annie,
      I was at the courthouse for mornings on Mon Tue and Wed. Would you like to receive my impressions and opinions of the proceedings?



  20. Annie says:

    Thank you for this most excellent blog. I moved to NZ (from America) to get the heck away from this – (it is happening there by closing off all national parks to the public, and imminent domain if they can make more taxes off your property than they can get from you living there – your property can be taken) but too late for that as I realize that all cities in NZ (Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch is their wet dream) are on the UN payroll via ICLEI. Jerry Brownlee on Youtube is witnessed as saying “Businesses will have to FORFEIT their property rights,” and why you ask? Because Agenda 21 does not allow for private property, farming (grazing) of any sort, or freedom of choice. It puts the “collective” before the individual, and there you go. THEY will decide that you will live in 3 meter x 3 meter houses by the railroad tracks and that is ALL you will be allowed. So Christchurch is the “World’s VERY FIRST Agenda 21 MODEL CITY” and this is why the banking families (who ALL have an interest in it) are salivating.

  21. Bette says:

    Hello! Would you mind if I share your blog with my
    twitter group? There’s a lot of folks that I think would really enjoy your content. Please let me know. Many thanks

  22. gallopingcamel says:

    One of the amazing things about New Zealand is the “Tomorrow’s Schools” legislation. You may see problems with it but it is so much better to have control of education at the local level rather than the increasingly cenralized management we have here in the USA.

    When the control of education is centralized it is too easy for radicals to impose their bad ideas on everyone:

  23. Roger,
    I lost track of you somehow since your marvellous piece on the “Emperor with no clothes”.

    Clearly CAGW is not happening in spite of the fact that CO2 continues to climb. The science is wrong! Here are some “Guest Posts” you may like:

    I also have my own pathetic web site:

    I hope you will find time to comment! If all else fails you have my email address.

  24. CW says:

    The UN is determined to influence absolutely everything it can, from what we eat to where we live and how we live, to what we are taught and even what religion we should have. They have a bureaucracy for just about anything you can think of, and the citizens of the first world collectively pay for the lot of it. Education is one of their favourites because they are well aware that if they want to change the way everyone thinks to the way they want us to think, they have to start as young as possible before children are influenced by other things like personal experience, parents or other adults. If they can shape a child’s worldview before they develop a worldview of their own, the child is unlikely to think outside the worldview the UN wants them to have. They really are an emerging global government, and their own texts prove beyond doubt that they aim to end national sovereignty and destroy national identity.

    Another example of their meddling in NZ affairs is the Food Bill which was put up for vote by the last Labour government, and failed due to public opposition. The current government tried as well but shelved it after people opposed it again. The Food Bill is based on Codex Alimentarius (“The Food Code”) which was produced by the Food and Agriculture Organisation, which is, you guessed it, a UN body. This government or the next will try it again; they will never stop until they pass it. The bill itself is so (deliberately) vague that homegrown food could in theory be considered illegal and would restrict people to only consuming food that is approved by the bill. Basically it is a draconian piece of legislation which gives the Minister free rein to add whatever amendments they want. You can see why people were sufficiently concerned enough to force the politicians to shelve it twice.

    This is how the UN’s masterplan works – it incrementally influences and effectively changes the legislation of countries to its own, and if it fails the politicians will keep on trying until people let their guard down and it slips though. The big problem is, people’s guards are down for most of the things it is changing and only the most alarming proposed changes get their attention. Another common theme of these new laws is that they are deliberately vague, their scope is very broad, and provision is made for further amendments that do not have to go through parliament. A good foreign example of this is the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) which has been given the ability to make regulations (such as its ridiculous declaration that CO2 is a pollutant) by itself that bypass the House of Representatives. This kind of slow change is called Fabian Socialism. It is very dangerous because most people don’t notice it is happening due to its extremely long-term implementation, and attempts to alert them to it will result in such insults as ‘conspiracy theorist’ ‘crank’ or ‘paranoid’.

    I could go on and on about the UN and its equally detestable offspring the EU (which is a whole new subject all by itself).

    • rogerthesurf says:

      Thanks again for your comment.

      I would like to compile a list of legislation which is either caused by Agenda21 or has Agenda 21 type clauses inserted.

      You obviously have come across a few things I haven’t so please let me know if there is any passed legislation of the above type that you know about.
      Which city do you live in? Do you have a blog?



  25. CW says:

    Karen Poutasi says that there is ‘no right or wrong’ answer and credit is given if the student argues their perspective well using ‘factual knowledge’. As we can see the exemplar paper is arguing for the anti-capitalist ‘sustainable’ perspective, but how are we to know if the opposing perspective was even taught? Students are not going to do their own research when the exemplary answers are right in front of them, and most just accept what they are told instead of questioning authority. NCEA is all about regurgitation and not critical thinking because I know for a fact that markers look for key phrases and words when they award credit and if you don’t use those words/phrases you get no marks. What this so called ‘factual knowledge’ actually includes is anyone’s guess; though considering the suggested reading list and the exemplar given, it certainly seems that any ‘facts’ that are taught are going to lean towards the anti-capitalist. It would also depend on the teacher and how impartial they choose to be, if at all.

  26. CW says:

    That exam paper is rather shocking, but it doesn’t appear to be something that would be taught at a normal state school. I wonder what institutions would provide that course. While it is easy to label such nonsense as ‘communist’, from my own reading I have found possibly a more accurate term to describe it. It is ‘communitarianism’. If you haven’t already seen it, this website ( contains some very well-referenced and damning information on the UN and its intentions.

    • rogerthesurf says:

      Thanks for the comment Fade but I assure you that exam paper is only one of a number in a similar vein on the NZ Government website but a related web site lists the source documents/recommended reading. Check out the titles! and Note the reference to the Club of Rome!



      • CW says:

        Just to clarify my previous comment, NCEA achievement standards are not solely assessed by schools but also by many other education providers (including for adults) so I thought (using my slightly dated knowledge of state school curricula) that it would be mostly these other providers or private (but not state) schools offering these courses. I did however do some digging and found that some schools both private and state have taken up these optional achievement standards – Christ’s College, Christchurch; Logan Park High, Dunedin, and Alfriston College, Auckland to name a few. Some other state schools that I know of do not appear to offer them but this may just be due to their websites lacking specific information. On a side note, did you know that former PM Jenny Shipley is not only a member but current Vice-President of The Club of Madrid, an offshoot of the Club of Rome?

      • rogerthesurf says:

        Thanks for the research.

        I didn’t know but am not surprised that Jenny Shipley is involved with the Club of Madrid. I guess if you cant’t get employed directly by the United Nations like someone that springs to mind, ones seek for power will lead you to the Club of Rome or it’s subsiduaries.

        So through Agenda 21 you must see we are breeding little communists, thinly disguised as people striving for “sustainability”. Another 20 years some of these people will be in positions of influence.
        We live in interesting times I fear.

        I did write a letter to the Minister of Education about that exemplar. She refered it back to a member of of the NZQA staff Dr Karen Poutasi which was somewhat pointless and unhelpful.
        Now I do have a perfectly good university degree myself but perhaps you can explain to me what she is saying, if she is saying anything at all. Parata Answer Frankly, if I wasnt told otherwise, I could swear that I am looking at a lot of regurgitation rather than critical thinking. In this case I would have thought that a critical thinker would at least take in the demographic calamity if the world had to resort back to indigenous ways of life and a barter economy. Maybe that aspect, and other important ones were not mentioned in his class so it wasnt addressed.



  27. Pingback: Agenda 21 alive and well in New Zealand | BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades!

  28. enochered says:

    Tell me Roger, I noticed you call yourself Roger the Surf. Do you ever go down Taylors Mistake way?

    • rogerthesurf says:

      Used to surf a bit there but I’m more of a wind surfer nowadays,

      • enochered says:

        well If you ever find yourself heading in that direction perhaps you could take a note to a friend of mine there, on Taylors Mistake Road. keep up the good work..

  29. Hi Roger,

    Thanks for the comment on my blog,, and the linkthrough to this post of your own. It was interesting to read, but there are a couple of things I’m unclear about here though.

    Firstly, non-supportive of Key and his cronies I may be, but this has nothing to do with them. They weren’t elected until September 2008, by which point this exam had long been written. Contacting them to change the curriculum isn’t going to do a hell of a lot. Besides, the curriculum is up for review anyway:

    Also, I feel like you can hardly argue that our Government is communist when one of the parties in the coalition is ACT!

    I’m not entirely sure why you’re so upset about this. How many students would have taken this course anyway? It was never offered at the schools my siblings or I attended. It doesn’t seem any more ideological than the average History class anyway. And judging by the comments on the Exemplars provided, the candidates could have said anything they wanted provided it was (a) relevant to the topic and (b) thoroughly justified — as it should be in any subject.

    I’ve had a look around some of your other posts, and I’m a little perplexed as to why you’re opposed to such environmentally friendly ideas such as making Christchurch a “carbon-neutral city” and reducing pollution. Christchurch is in a unique position among New Zealand cities at the moment in that it can thoroughly prepare for the future and truly become a “Garden City”.

    The final point I’m confused about is in regards to your comment on my post You say my commentary on the recent Census is “hardly newsworthy”. Well, it’s about a national event and I posted it on the day in question. If my post wasn’t news, then yours — about an exam from 2008, the takers of which will have graduated from University and learned to think for themselves by now — is most certainly “olds”.

    Take care,

    • rogerthesurf says:

      Thanks for the comment.

      I will answer your points the best I can.

      Good point about the curriculum review, some time ago I emailed the PM and the Minister of Education for an explanation regarding these exemplars. (The example I post is only one of a good number that can be found on the NZQA website.

      Can our government be communist? Well remember ACT unfortunately only has one seat. Other members of the government claim to be Blue Greens for example. And if the government (abetted by our local council) using the earthquakes as a convenient excuse starts taking land and property off its citizens in such a manner to satisfy what are obviously Agenda 21 policies, well the first definition of communism is that the regime controls the means of production, including land, and then has 100 % taxation, and then starts telling us where and how to live etc.
      Conveniently, this is all in line with Agenda 21, which, although a long drawn out document, ranges from advising “transfers of land” to population control matters etc.

      Correct me if I am wrong, but I suspect you are a fairly new graduate. A BA in Mathematics and English from Otago may appear impressive but is hardly going to prepare you for the real would without a lot more University of Life immersion. You mention that a 17 yr old from 2008 would be able to think for himself by now. The observation of my somewhat greater years tells me that few people ever attain “thinking for themselves” status and it is indeed rare for a 22 yr old to be a member of that group.
      Who was it who said that “give me a child until he is seven and I will give you the man”?
      I think later education is equally influential on youth and in my own experience I know how difficult it is to cast off things learnt from school.

      So first of all try to clear your mind from any prejudices if you can and consider what I am about to say.

      Why is the exam exemplar, (Which I assume you read carefully), news worthy?
      First of all the exemplar (which is only one of a number of like documents found on the NZQA website) is the result of a chain of officials and government departments.
      Behind that unfortunate student, who along with all the other candidates for that course, has been fed half truths and prejudices and is unaware of the consequences should what he says become reality (More about that later) is a teacher, an examiner, a government department who formulated the curriculum, a government department, a minister of education, a prime minister and wait for it:- The United Nations and the Green Movement.
      This is only one avenue of influence that the UN is pursuing, both here and internationally. Here we already have Agenda 21 compliance in the Resource Management Act and the Local Government Act as well as through the back door of Local Government by both infiltration and I believe finance from ICLEI. Christchurch is a member of this noxious organisation, although the name is missing from the ICLEI membership list.

      Well maybe you think these are not a bad things. But who do you think is actually running New Zealand? Why would the UN be interested in infiltrating our education system and government in such a manner? I have to say here that NZ is not unique. These infiltrations are happening world wide.

      What’s wrong with the content of the exemplar?
      Most free thinkers do not have to be told this but I will try and explain.
      Referring to the “Western Scientific” part of the exemplar, the writer is showing that he feels trade, surplus(Profit) are the cause of the this thing which he calls “unsustainability”(That’s a hijacked word if there ever was one) and therefore the resources thus consumed are “killing the earth” He suggests a barter economy will fix the problem. He later comes clean and blames it on Capitalism contrasting it with an indigenous world view.

      The latter part of the exemplar lists all the evils of capitalism ranging from CO2 emissions to losses of species to the loss of skills such as hunting and fishing.

      All this is clearly absurd but it is encouraged by the examiner who states that the candidate has a “Sound level of understanding of the relationship between capitalism and resource use globally.”

      For your information, criticizing the use of profits and surpluses, eliminating the use of money and the notion of equality for everyone (except the people running the country) is a traditional communist argument. This idea has been tried a number of times in various countries in recent history. In 1961, communist China who eliminated the concept of interest, surplus, property and land ownership and trade using currency and almost eliminated the use of currency, managed to starve to death an estimated 60 million people in that year and similar figures each year through that decade. Similarly Soviet Russia managed similar feats especially during the “Collectivisation of the Kulaks” in the ‘20’s and ‘30’s.
      In other words, this course is sending out into society a bunch of little communists whose ideas they may one day be in a position to implement. These are Green policies which already are regularly promoted in parliament so that time of implementation may not be that far away.

      And the consequences? Collapse of the “Capitalist” economy and widespread starvation.

      How do I know this?

      Well I majored in Economics at the second most southern university in the world. Just a trifle more relevant subject for discussing humanities than English or Mathematics I suspect.
      Any economist would tell you that subsistence farming and hunting and gathering cannot sustain today’s population. Far from it.

      In other words this student is being taught that the majority of the world’s population must die in order to mitigate climate change and return to our roots of Hunting and Gathering.
      Only the student is not told this truth therefore the course must be described as unbalanced and malicious.

      Of course you may think that eliminating most of the world’s population would be a good thing, you wouldn’t be the first.

      Another theme that runs through the exemplar is that Judeo/Christians are bad, Capitalists are bad and people who work hard to become wealthy are bad.

      These things, planted into the head of an unsuspecting high school student, are plain social engineering. Remember Hitler did the same thing with Jews and got to kill 6 million of them. China and Russia did the same thing with those who owned property and killed those who did not immediately give up their worldly goods.
      We have seen all this before!

      But worse than this! The whole thing has and is being pushed by the United Nations. On the government website I found that the foundation documents of this course are UN Agenda 21 and the Brundtland Report.
      Why would the UN want to ruin the world economy? Why do they keep saying that a one world government will be best to protect the earth?
      Do you want to live in a subsistence economy run by the UN? That is if you survive at all?
      I have trouble with your comment that everything was justified in the exemplar. I think not. There is simply very little substance at all in it. Almost every statement treated as fact by the candidate pulls up a large can of worms. Worst of all there is no appreciation of humanity!

      All the above things, as well as things of equal gravity which I have not mentioned, would be obvious to a knowledgeable free thinking person.
      As I mentioned above, I have written to the Minister of Education and the Prime Minister about this exemplar and others that appear on the website. It is obvious that this course is essentially a time bomb left by our erstwhile Prime Minister dear Helen Clark while she goes off to the UN to further their work.
      However it is disappointing that this course has not been identified by the current administration. I await the official response to my query.

      Whats wrong with making Chch an eco friendly city?

      First of all, neither us citizens of Christchurch (rate payers) nor the general population (tax payers) asked for it but yet we will pay for it bigtime.
      Secondly, Although the earthquake looks a pretty good excuse, in the suburban red zone there are undamaged or repairable properties where the owners have to leave regardless. There is no choice whether to stay in your house or accept the buy out plan, (which is full of holes anyway – for example if the house is undamaged, the insurance wont pay out), the owners have to abandon their homes regardless. This is an example of our government complying with agenda 21 but we are not being told this is the reason. This is Agenda 21 compliance by stealth!
      Needless to say the CBD is worse. Compulsory acquisition at post earthquake prices. Most property owners will be bankrupted whilst perfectly good properties will be demolished to suit the Agenda 21 compliance City plan.
      This all amounts to a huge waste. The “Rebuild” if you can call it that, of Christchurch will cost billions more than it needs to, and we and our descendants are footing the bill.
      To complete the Agenda 21 compliance, the government will start forcing people into “eco” apartments crammed on top of each other in or near the CBD. They have only touched on this so far, but lets wait and see shall we?

      To rub salt in the wound, building an “eco” city will make no difference in the world’s carbon foot print, even if that footprint would endanger future generations (which it wont)!

      In all, property rights have been abused, government’s totalitarian tendencies exposed and the average Christchurch citizen is still waiting after more than 2 years for their insurance and EQC pay outs which will allow them to repair their homes etc while the government stuffs around with their ridiculous eco city where no one in their right mind, (after the compulsory land acquisition), will think of investing.

      Trust this answers your questions.



    • enochered says:

      Carbon neutral is not possible; The Green Agenda is nothing more than a racket. There is no possibility of generating enough energy with wind and sun power to replace the energy generated in a decent power station; What’s more unless you create millions of tons of CO2 manufacturing untold tons of batteries to charge, there will be no power after sundown. As for the Exemplar can you not see the level of indoctrination involved in the whole idea? This is all part of Gorbachev’s New Age Green Religion. Check on-line The ten worst things in Agenda 21. Check out Greg Hallett, if you want to know what’s really going on in New Zealand.

      • Incorrect on many points. NZ has vast hydroelectric dams which are essentially carbon neutral and generate plenty of power. There are other solar and wind methods that also produce large quantities of power. No problem. Small-scale power-production by individual home-owners could also provide a significant proportion of the total grid; Germany gives a good example. This small-scale option is also one that can be enacted with zero public spending, only some minor legislative tweaks to ensure that users can sell back into the grid at a fair rate and that renewably-produced power is used preferentially over dirty power.
        Regarding the problem of storage to level out surplus and shortfall, this is starting to be addressed in Eurasia and North America with HVDC networks (rather than batteries!), and in NZ it’s even less of a problem, because of those same hydro dams already mentioned. The dams effectively work as batteries, since you can shut down waterflow when there is a surplus of power and open the sluices when there’s a shortfall. It works beautifully and it’s already in place. NZ already has all the infrastructure it needs to transition to reliable renewable electricity production. We could easily do it in the space of a few years, with little public spending.
        You’ve imagined possible problems with renewable energy, but then not bothered to check or even imagine whether there might not already be solutions.

      • rogerthesurf says:


        Thanks for visiting.

        “NZ has vast hydroelectric dams which are essentially carbon neutral and generate plenty of power.”

        I think it would be reasonable to say that hydro electric is not plentiful enough else we would have no need of the thermal stations such as at Rangiriri or any need for the current wind farms etc.

        I also disagree with your assertion that little or no public spending is needed. Would be nice if that were true for sure.

        Your assertions would be more believable if you took the trouble to quote your sources though.


    • rogerthesurf says:


      Thanks for your comment,

      A reply to what you have written will require a little time on my part. Please bear with me for a day or two.



  30. bunkerville says:

    I had no idea the agenda had reached your country to this extent. I would like to repost so those of us in the u.s. realizes hard far this has gone.

    • rogerthesurf says:


      Thanks for your comment.

      Yes please repost and if you have any more questions about this situation I have quite a volume of research of which I am happy to share.



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