That Dreaded Fossil Fuel supporting Deniers and Skeptics!

Why are we always accused of being minions of Big Oil when we speak up using facts, against the religious people who push the Anthropogenic Global Warming and Extreme Sustainability line, acting just like the sheep do in Orwell’s book “Animal Farm”?

Unfortunately for me, I have never received any offer from anyone let alone any fuel organisation, but then I am only a small fish it seems.

However I did, with only a little digging, find this information about one of the most dangerous lobbiests in the world who made his initial fortune by having an almost complete monopoly on fossil fuel in the United States until his company was broken up by the introduction of the Sherman Act, which I know a little about because I studied it as an undergraduate.

I am of course talking about the Rockefeller family.

Here are some facts which I looked up recently. The Rockefellers are a bit sneaky and tend to show their allegiances with discretion and one has to chase them a bit. However this is what I found.

Simply a fraction of where they are involved I suspect.

The Rockefeller family are supporters of the following and I give the web address so you can look for yourself. However they tend to use slightly different names and often support organisations via another organisation. If you follow the financial trail, of which most “non profit” organisations are usually required to display by the law of their origin, very often the Rockefellers appear.

Here are some examples of what I have found.

1 United Nations


3. Resilience

4 Oceanwatch Sailing via

Click to access CI_FY14_AnnualReport.pdf

5 IUCN via 6. WWF

Are Rockefellers involved with the WWF? A little tricky to trace but

Which mention 7 IMD as one of its major supporters. Lets check there.

Click to access WHO_EIP_IMD_99.1.pdf

IMD seems to be an arm of the WHO.
Who is a supporter of W.H.O. then? And why does the WHO support the WWF? search for “rockefeller” search for “rockefeller”

Of course someone else has already catalogued this:

Oops, I almost forgot to include this beneficiary of the Rockerfellers.

Click to access 350-funded-by-rbf.pdf

Here is a little history.
It seems that no matter where you go in the “green” or “sustainability” world you trip over the Rockefellers .

Exactly who has Big Oil on their side then?

And believe me, the Rockefellers are not the sort of people who give out money without thinking of whats in it for them!

Actually fossil fuel energy organisations love green, sustainability and AGW.

These “philosophies” ( If they are worthy of the name) will actually benefit oil companies and the like. I don’t mean the miner at the bottom of the heap but those who control it.

Here is why.

Greens bleat out “Don’t use oil it is about to run out and it is heating up the planet.

Oil companies interpret that as “Fossil fuel will always be needed but restrict the supply? Great, can do – We know that will make the price sky rocket, so we can produce less oil, get a huge price and still make as much or more money as before but with fewer expenses! A businessman’s dream!

Read more about the Rockefellers here.

This blog is generally quite reliable as I have verified many of the things said here from other sources.

Lets have a mass expose’ of the Rockefeller involvement with AGW and Agenda 21 issues.

Please comment when you come across the Rockefellers funding something Green, Sustainable or connected to the United Nations or related,

Thank you for reading

Roger 18/6/15

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8 Responses to That Dreaded Fossil Fuel supporting Deniers and Skeptics!

  1. Penelope says:

    I left one message and it didn’t appear. Any point leaving another? I’ve lots of info for you.

    • rogerthesurf says:

      Sorry Penelope,
      Just had my flu shot which allowed me after two days to have the worst flu ever in recent years.

      Getting back to the Rockefellers. In actual fact I have never yet found a green/sustainable trust that does not have Rockefeller money in it from somewhere. Its just a matter of going up the tree of funders. Sometimes the Rockefellers may be funders of two or more of the immediate funders.
      Also it would be a mistake to think that the website I used lists all their donations. Not only that but only one of the Rockefeller websites publicizes its donations. The others keep fairly quiet about it it seems.
      Did you look at the video about their actions in the 1930’s?



    • rogerthesurf says:

      Hi Penelope,

      I had a look at your link and I must say it is very interesting. I am very interested in the info you mention.
      I hope there may be suitable material here for another post on this site. Hope you can help me here.



  2. Penelope says:

    Hi. This Senate report is an expose of the foundations who support AGW, plus a couple media they support outright, plus orgs registered as charitable. Plus how they launder their identities in some cases while retaining control. Names names from about p 6– yes, both Rockef funds are there. All the big Green orgs are there & are being paid for that irresponsible scaremongering. Plus EPA has become revolving door w Greens & funnell EPA grants to them. Much more

  3. “Why are we always accused of being minions of Big Oil when we speak up using facts,”

    Having worked in the wind sector – and having seen that the big players were all oil companies who were pushing for wind … and knowing that BIG OIL profits when energy prices go up … and knowing that the funding for sceptics (even any hidden funding) is absolutely peanuts …

    And seeing that the people who deny climate change are those like Mann who tried to get rid of the medieval warm period and “hide the decline”.

    And seeing all the “greens” flying off each year consuming small country’s worth of fuel. Seeing how money is being taken from project to help the poor, to give to projects to help the rich snouts-in-the-troughers like Gore make themselves even richer.

    It seems to me that the climate extremists main tactic is to accuse everyone else of being everything that they are: funded by big oil, climate change deniers, attacking the poor, in the pay of a few rich, etc.

  4. Mike Jowsey says:

    First visit to your site. As a Cantabrian, may I say I am offended by the Follow bullshit sub-window which has no escape. Sort out your technology mate.

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