UN Headquarters and USD$1.2 Billion upgrade (And Rising)


It appears that the United Nations building has been undergoing an expensive renovation and update – complete with cost over runs.

There seems to be conflicting reports as to the total cost of this project. The title figure comes from Wikipedia.

Below they discuss large figures needed to complete the job.

All World tax payers money of course.

See https://thedemiseofchristchurch.files.wordpress.com/2016/05/concerns-over-un-hq-coast-overuns-2016.pdf

UN building on East River

The UN Headquarters next to the East River New York.


Check it out for yourself!



Surprised there are no docks or jetties planned for the first floor? Maybe they intend to rely on aircraft landing and departing from the roof.



PS: How much sea level acceleration is actually going on?

Fact. Sea level rise caused by the Anthropogenic Global Warming theory can never be a tsunami.  Therefore to attain the catastrophic heights we see predicted we would expect to see an ACCELERATION in the sea level rise record.

How much acceleration has been detected to date?

When you next read or hear of a catastrophic sea level rise projection try working out the acceleration of sea level rise that is needed to meet the prediction

Check out this site  http://www.sealevel.info/papers.html


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  1. Manfred says:

    There’s one excellent answer: defUNd

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