I live in Christchurch and I know all about the earthquakes. Like most Christchurch citizens, I have been under my desk three times now and sought other shelter on two other occasions. I am a lucky one. None of my property was damaged and nor were any of my loved ones hurt.
However the real disaster here is in the resultant bureaucracy , not the shaking or the wide spread damage.
This blog is an attempt to understand why an apparently conservative  government – instead of concentrating efforts in making sure everyone’s insurance is both paid out in a timely fashion and is still available for rebuilds etc. –  would first of all blatantly abuse private property rights, unnecessarily destroy Christchurch as we know it on the pretext that the earthquakes have created some sort of “unprecedented opportunity” and create a bureaucracy that concentrates on some sort of micro planning and stifles any opportunity for private people to simply claim their insurances and rebuild according to their budget and as they see fit.

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  1. Paul says:

    Hi Roger, have you seen this?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi there, as you point out yourself – it is amazing how being wealthy and successful is perceived as a negative thing in NZ. It is a global problem but it is definitely quite pronounced in NZ and specifically in the south island.

  3. Steve says:

    Dude, its up to you, but the Scalar thing is very real and you should be drawing attention to it.
    Beardon et al at http://www.chenerie.org has more info. And yes HAARP is one version of it, but I dont get hung up on that.

    I have an Engineering degree, so its not like I’m dumb or speaking out my backside.

    People need to be aware of this silent war on the population. Agenda 21 is the legal strait jacket, Scalar is the way that earthquakes and cyclones are “managed”. I believe the first example of this is cyclone tracy in Oz – look up its path/track and notice how it moved – a 90 degree turn right into Darwin. Coincidence?

    Likewise you will notice Katrina was steered into the UN biosphere ( an area to be “cleansed” of people – just like Christchurch ) of New Orleans to drive people out, just like happening in NZ right now, except the Scalar tech seems to have been used to force an earthquake or create an exothermic explosion within the mantle to create a slip.

    Indonesian Boxing day Tsunami has a classic nuke-like seismic signature, as does christchurch quake – only a nuke or a scalar explosion can do this. Up to you – stick your head int he sand if you like or be fearful of being labelled a tin foil hat wearer – but Agenda 21 is right out there anyway for 99.99% of the sheep anyway – youre already in the “fringe zone” by putting up this web site anyway.

    Have fun – but when you open the UN/AG21/conspiracy stuff can of worms, youre in for a penny, in for a pound. Youre already “tainted” and marked in some govt database I’d be sure of that.

    Anyway, up to you. I’m sure this post will disappear too…


  4. Steve says:

    Its funny…I noticed the Christchurch earthquakes had more of a nuke/Scalar signature than a natural earthquake. Similar to the 2006 boxing day tsunami & Fukashima…deep trench nuke anyone?

    I think for anyone who considers Agenda 21 is a tin foil hatted “loopy” idea ( or doubts HAARP/Scalar can produce earthquakes on demand for that matter ) it seems the powers that be always test stuff on small scale first, then roll it out world wide.

    Ergo, no one who didnt know of this stuff would believe Christchurch ( probably attacked due to “Christ” being in its name as well ) – could be destroyed to order and blamed on natural earthquakes, then mercilessly rezoned to suit the communist “green” agenda.

    Agenda 21 is pure UN driven communism, and implemented locally by communist stooges.

    Scalar tech is very real and used regularly. Here in Oz we regularly see right-angled clouds and Scalar herringbone patterns in clouds that demonstrate the HAARP/Jindalee frequency being used. You always notice the skies being “prepped” through contrails which I believe increase conductivity and effectiveness of the Scalar activity. It usually is accompnied by increase in illness in the general community.

    • rogerthesurf says:


      Perhaps if you are into contrails etc you may have a website with good academic or empirical references for us to look at.
      All I know at the moment is that Agenda 21 things are happening to my city and country. I’m just a tad patriotic at heart and a firm believer in democracy and freedom. I also know that freedom is coupled with secure property rights, free market and minimal government interference.
      This website is about these things



  5. ktwop says:

    Good Luck with your blog and thanks for visiting.
    is it possible to follow the money trail? That is: Who is making money from the disaster that hit Christ Church?

    • rogerthesurf says:

      Thanks for visiting.
      A money trail? Good question. Apart from the government giving a few organisations a monopoly (one is a listed company which until recently “administered” all repairs in my city, allocated builders, controlled the contract rates for the builders and received a margin on all work), the only other thought can be that government or government ministers have some sort of pressure on them to make things “Agenda 21 compliant” here. Like many other people, I have tried to make sense of what is going on, and many people suspect that “something” is going on, and as time progresses it looks very much that Agenda 21 fits the bill. In fact the legislation seems to compels the actions that we are seeing in the name of “sustainability”.
      The only other explanation can be is that the government ministers are insane – which cannot be ruled out.


      • Selena Appleton says:

        Hi Roger,

        you might be interested to see this it ties up the ‘education’ and Agenda 21 regional control through local councils ICLEI and regional countries through 100yr internationalist American Soviet. the EU is the European Soviet. Asia Pacific Soviet. if we allow unelected people to be appointed at local level we will never get rid of them and will have to live under them at local level. Marxist leninist Agenda. see this link:

        Regards Selena

      • rogerthesurf says:

        Selena, thanks for the link. Listened to most of it already. Quite amazing how the same issues we are dealing with here are cropping up.



      • Selena Appleton says:

        This excerpt, re: beginnings of A 21

        regards S

  6. Have you been a guest on the Vinny Eastwood show? http://www.thevinnyeastwoodshow.com/

  7. Selena says:

    Hi Roger thanks for your message on youtube project 2058, and for link to your blog, the exam papers, they should re-name ‘sustainabilty’ to the study of ‘communism’. Indigenous ‘collective’ culture they state as being ‘spiritually’ beneficial to the ‘environment’ and yet if history is properly recounted we find the Moa extinct due to the indigenous hunger for the large bird .. hardly sustainable though I know this is not the point, just an extremely one sided view that is being painted in schools and many arguments against what is being taught and yet also so tricky for students who dont know the real story. how easy for the ‘AGENDA’ to catch them at such an age.

    • rogerthesurf says:


      Good to hear from you.

      I sent you an email from my private email address, I hope you got it.

      I havent approved your comment because I suspect you would rather not have your email address published in the publi domain.

      Hope to hear more from you though.



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